Instant stress reducers

In today’s world, show me one person who has not experienced stress. No matter where are, who we are, what we do, everyone is or have been under stress. Stress increases the chances of getting susceptible to illness, and it also induces illnesses like cardiac disease, fluctuating blood pressure, insomnia, muscle tension, migraines, and ulcers. And it definitely makes you snappy, irritable and agitated. But how to get over stress? How to take the “chill pill”?

Here are our quick tips to chill the stress monster:

BREATHE – Stop, and take a Breather; A long one. When we’re tense or strained, we forget to do this more often than not. Start by inhaling a few deep breaths. Next, try this pranayama technique: Inhale deeply. Hold your breath for about four seconds. Exhale slowly for count of four seconds. Repeat ten times.

MOVE – Sometimes stress is so deeply embedded in us; we have to actually shake it off us. For this Stand right up, extend your arms to their full, and see yourself as a dripping wet dog and shake your body well. If a good shake is not working for you, go for a short walk while breathing deeply.

LAUGH OR SMILE – Don’t worry, be happy. Whistle a happy tune; and smile to exhibit a happy mood. Smiling will send a meaning to your unconscious mind and will definitely generate a positive attitude and mood. If you are faking happiness for long enough, you may just begin to believe that it is true after all.  Or else, read some funny comic strip or watch a few-minutes funny video on the net.

MEDITATION – Close your eyes and calm your mind. Envision a sunny beach in front of you. Note the sand, sun and the palms. Experience this beach clearly in your mind. Take another deep breath and feel the beach, let it fill your body. Slowly open the eyes. Linger on the beautiful beach a bit longer.