Instant Manicure in Five Minutes

Polishing your fingers and nails to make them shiny and perfect doesn’t take all day anymore. Although manicure and pedicure can be easily done at home, they still consume enough time to make sure that your entire evening is spent in just polishing those tired fingers of yours.

But not anymore since here we tell you ways in which you can finish it before you can spell manicure! Here we show how.

Things you might need – Cotton balls, nail polish remover, base coat, cuticle stick, nail color, top coat, emery board and cuticle oil. And don’t forget the very important nail buffer!

Now that you have gathered them up, let’s start with the procedure for the super quick manicure!It is better to start the manicure with clean nails that are not painted with nail paints yet. File the nails to the desired shape before you begin with the manicure, essentially round to give it a neater look.

A buffing block is a great tool to add that extra shine and gloss to your nails. It also helps you keep your nails healthy along with the natural shine.

As soon as this is done, take a small cotton swab and dip it in a nail polish remover. Now that this is done, wipe the nails gently off the nail polish until the nails are white and clean. If you feel nail polish can be harsh for your nails, you can go for an acetone-free nail polish remover. There are certain removers in the market that are available along with the moisturizer.

Once your  nails are ready and shining, it’s time to pamper the rest of your fingers. This is where the cuticle oil comes into picture. Heat the water to boiling and place the cuticle oil bottle in the hot water. This helps the oil to heat up. Once the oil is heated, take it out and massage your fingers with the oil and in process, don’t forget to gently push the cuticles back. You can do this using the stick too. Continue to massage until necessary and voila! you are done!

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