Instant Energy

What, among the below, would you like more of – time, sleep or energy? No wonder, energy is top of most of our lists. Our energy levels plummet during the day continuously as the day progresses; slowly but surely, until we are down in a slump.

Although we do not know what tires us, too little sleep or too much stress, sunlight. But we do know the remedies – and they’re in the present in what you drink and eat. There is a myth that Sweets do give you an energy hike but then crashes down.

If you are lethargic at around 4 in the afternoon, you know you’re hypoglycemic. Your blood sugar’s low, and some energy boosters will make those levels spike then plummet. But experts think otherwise.

According to them, there is no evidence to confirm that ‘4PM fatigue’ is caused by hypoglycemia, or that otherwise healthy people feel the normal fluctuations in blood glucose levels. They say that the verge for symptoms of hypoglycemia is 50 to 55mg of glucose per 100ml of blood, and it’s really very rare for a healthy person to get down to those levels.

In these cases, Rather than getting low on blood sugar, you are getting low on serotonin – a brain chemical that is the factor to keep you energetic, focused and attentive. So, better get the carbohydrates back. Carbs turn into glucose in the bloodstream, and as your insulin goes to work at the glucose levels, it starts a chain reaction of chemical events. In this process, an amino acid named tryptophan moves to the brain and converts itself to serotonin to keep your energy levels up.

A piece of fruit, like apple or banana or maybe two handfuls of low-fat popcorn will keep serotonin levels up while keeping you healthy.