Insomnia–One Of The Causes Of High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure” is a dreaded health condition that can be a triggering factor for a lot more diseases –including stroke, eye damage, intravenous injuries, and so on.

A recent study conducted in two thousand nine, shows a major influence on “high Blood Pressureis that by insomnia or sleeplessness –another alarming health condition. According to researchers, people with a sleep time of lesser than even five hours each day becomes five times more prone to increase risk of “high Blood Pressure” comparing to those getting enough rest.

Another well established link in medical history is that of anothersleeping disorder –“sleep apnea” with hypertension. However this new research has the first establishing proof of the uncanny connection between insomnia and “high Blood Pressure”.

A “high Blood Pressure” condition can also be linked with various other lifestyle disorders. A survey shows an average of ten percent to at least eight percent of the United States population running at a risk of “high Blood Pressure” that is caused by a chronic insomnia alone.

There has been a long known proven relation of insomnia or sleeplessness with various psychiatric disorders as well as depression;however a link with a direct medical morbidity such as “high Blood Pressure” is recently established.

Sleeplessness is a cause for a lot of other medical complications including heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes as well. Extreme sleeplessness continuing for several years can result in severe “hypertensive crisis”. This health condition is a brutal and abnormal increase in blood pressure that eventually leads to stroke.

Extreme conditions of high blood pressure wherein the upper systolic pressure level reaches or crosses one eighty millimeters of mercury level or the lower diastolic pressure level of around one hundred and twenty millimeters of mercury level or higher can immediately rupture blood vessels. The vessels get inflamed and can start leaking fluid or blood immediately.

Normally hypertensive pressure of blood level is separated into two segments –and urgent crisis of hypertensiveness and an emergency crisis of the same.

Hence, it is to be noted, that in any case of “high blood pressure” leading to hypertensive situation an immediate medical help should be taken to avoid any future complications. The treatment for such medical conditions can require immediate hospitalization, along with application of intravenous medication.