Insights Of Green Tea! Your Health With A Cup Of Tea

Benefits of Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea Green tea is known for its many therapeutic functions, such as cancer prevention and aid in weight loss. The fame of ancient plant is widely acclaimed. Currently, it can be harnessed in infusions, creams, capsules and still be used as inject able solution in the fight against fat in the clinics of aesthetics.

Before the green teas, white and red are also known to have positive effects in battling the extra pounds. But are they really so powerful? According to the nutritionist, ‘Yes they are’. But that is not synonymous with drug overdose in cups.” You have to control consumption, especially in people with hypertension, who may suffer with uncontrolled blood pressure,”

Green tea speeds up your metabolism, making you burn fat faster. Because of this, it becomes a potent adjuvant in slimming. But it is not good to stuff your mouth with candy and chips and makes some tea afterwards. A balanced diet is essential to achieve the weight you’re dreaming.

Being composed of antioxidants, consumption of green tea can lower cholesterol levels and activate the immune system. With regard to degenerative diseases like cancer, is composed of active catechins and bioflavonoid which are quite powerful in blocking the changes that initiate tumors.

Consumption of green tea

The consumption of green tea is recommended in cases of weight loss. However, this does not absolve it of complications and undesired effects that can endanger health. It contains caffeine and can increase blood pressure. The infusion is also not recommended for hypertensive patients, pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding.

The consumption in excess can cause symptoms such as nausea, tachycardia, headache and gastrointestinal problems. It is recommended to drink three or four cups daily, ensuring the benefits and avoiding wasteful consumption.

Be careful while preparing the tea. Boil water, turn off heat and dilute two teaspoons in a cup of tea. Leave the container capped for five to ten minutes. The infusion should not be reheated and once prepared, can stay in places without electricity for up to 12 hours without losing their effects.

Formulas that work as miracles for your health and beauty

Protects the heart:

The regular intake of green or white tea is related to prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases. Several studies show a lower rate of cardiovascular disease and mortality among consumers of green tea, mainly: it helps to lower levels of cholesterol and blood pressure control.

Young and lean through green tea

Teas extracted from the plant Camellia sinensis are good sources of polyphenols and catechins, antioxidants that act to combat the free radicals (responsible for the aging of cells). Therefore, those who drink green tea, white or red daily not only keeps it looking young, but also ensures the metabolism into shape.

The teas are great companions for meals

You should not dine in the company of teas and even take them after lunch or dinner. That’s because the drinks contain substances that impair iron absorption by the body.

Oral health gains from regular consumption of green tea

The best way to prevent dental problems is to maintain good hygiene, brushing and flossing. But people with sensitive gums tend to do better with regular consumption of green tea. According to nutritionist Green World, regular intake of the drink prevents inflammation of the gums and even malignant tumors of the mouth.

A plant and three different teas : White tea, red tea and green tea

White tea, green tea and red tea is originating from the plant Camellia sinensis. Green tea is prepared from young leaves of the plant, which are quickly dealt with steam to prevent its fermentation. White tea is harvested only once a year and is composed of buds and flowers of the plant, which changes the taste of tea, sweeter and softer than the green. Already the red tea is fermented and aged. It is believed that, because it originates from the same plant as green and white tea, red tea has similar effects.

Green tea, which does not pass through the stage of oxidation the leaves have high concentrations of polyphenols and antioxidants, is an ally in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and infections. In addition, of course, boost metabolism and facilitate the loss of weight.

White tea is less processed, so it is best that keeps all the beneficial properties of the drink. The yellow tea contains basically the same characteristics as the green, with the allure of being a more tasty variety.Already the red tea, known as hog fats, also varies from green, but undergoes a process of fermentation takes longer.

Different teas with their effects

Different teas have different effects. Such as, Chamomile tea is a good anti-inflammatory, it also acts against stomach disorders and insomnia. Horsetail tea is diuretic and anti-inflammatory, anti cholesterol and is revitalizing. Mint tea regulates the bowels and prevents gastric irritation. Valerian Tea is perfect for treating sleep disorders. Alva Tea helps in cough and diseases of larynx. Ginger Tea calms the digestive system and is energizing.

Regardless of the characteristics of each type, drinking tea between meals can be a holy medicine. The tea helps in restoring water, since the body absorbs hot water faster than cold, which improves digestion, and helps prevent constipation and even kidney stones. Dehydration and fluid retention can also be combated by drinking tea.

More benefits of green tea

Whoever takes green tea for weight loss now has another reason to include it in the diet: it is a great ally in protecting cardiovascular health by keeping arteries flexible and thus softening the impact of constant changes in blood pressure. According to scientists the green tea affects the lining of blood vessels, helping cells to secrete substances needed to relax the vessels, allowing them to flow more freely. To feel the effects, you must consume at least three cups per day.

“Green tea has the ability to increase metabolism, promoting fat burning,” The daily recommendation in this case varies from five cups to a liter for three consecutive months at least. The temperature of the tea would be appreciated.

According to the nutritionist people who are sensitive to caffeine may experience headaches, irritability and moodiness. And never drink tea after a meal (caffeine affect the absorption of iron and vitamin C in the body) and not at night to avoid sleep disturbance.

Ruchi Thukral