Influenza: Tips To Prevent And Treat ‘Flu’ At Home


Influenza Influenza is a contagious viral infection. Though, it’s a fairly common condition, and treatable with some easily available medications, its more virulent form can lead to serious complications.

Which if not treated immediately can even result in death. So what should you do if you or your children get sick?

Rest and stay at home

If you think you or your child is suffering from the symptoms of influenza, go slow and take rest. Stay at home and don’t expose other people to the contagion. Only go out of your home in order to consult your doctor. If you are suffering from seasonal influenza chances are that you suffering from the milder symptoms of the condition, and you really don’t have to worry your head about it, if you are taking the required care and medications.

Seeing your doctor

There is a specific group of people that is more vulnerable to influenza complications; it’s necessary that you consult your doctor if you belong to this group. Children below 5, especially, children below 2 should be taken to a doctor as soon as they exhibit flu-like symptoms. Pregnant women, adults 65 years and over and also people suffering from chronic asthma, blood disorders, and other serious conditions should consult a doctor if suffering from influenza, however mild the symptoms.

Tips to prevent influenza in children

Kids, these days are exposed to a myriad of unhealthy products, in the form of foods, drinks and even entertainment. As a parent you will have your hands full in trying to keep your kids healthy and free from influenza and other health problems.

Here are a few tips for kids that can help you keep your child in good health.

Tip 1: Healthy routine

    Your kids must follow a healthy routine. Sleeping late is a strict no, as is rising late; exception can be made off an on, but not regularly. Also a healthy breakfast should be an important part of following a healthy routine. Focus should also be given on playing outdoors as more and kids are spending their free time indoors, either watching the TV or in front of their computer. This makes for a sedentary lifestyle, ultimately leading to problems like excess weight gain and associated health risks

    Tip 2: Healthy eating

      Make sure that your kid eats healthy. By all means, give him a treat read junk food, every once in a while but don’t make that a habit. Explaining the importance of a healthy diet is just the beginning of the process. You need to ensure that your kid starts looking forward to eating healthy. Don’t try to hammer home the point by forcing your child to eat, but inspire him/her to eat healthy, slowly and gradually.

      Tip 3: Instilling the importance of exercise

        Very early on, you need to encourage your kids to start exercising. Making exercise fun will help kids enjoy them and also integrate exercises in their daily routine. The exercise could be as simple as walking, swimming or cycling. As your kids grow up, exercise will become a habit and will no longer be considered a daily chore.

        Home treatment is definitely advised during influenza, but if the symptoms are getting bothersome or you don’t think you are taking the proper care at home, there is no harm in getting in touch with your doctor.


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