Infatuation And Love – Know The Similarities And The Differences

You feel something amazing for that one particular person, but you are still not sure if this is love, that’s going to last for a lifetime, or is it merely infatuation and will pass off within a short span of time.

If this confusion is giving you a tough time, then without remaining in this confusion, understand your feelings better and deal with them in a better way.

The feelings that arise out of love and infatuation are quite similar and therefore, it is really difficult at times to understand what you are feeling for him or her. In both the cases, you love to spend time with the concerned person. You like almost everything about that person, such as how he speaks, what he thinks and says, how he looks etc. In both love and infatuation you keep thinking about the person and want to be with him or her at every opportunity that you get.

But there are some major differences between the two feelings. Love is a much stronger feeling and defeats the tests of time. Love usually strikes you when you know the person well. In love you like the person and all his aspects after knowing them, while infatuation is based on your assumptions about a person. Mostly, when you are infatuated by a certain person, you are not quite familiar to him or you do not know much about him.

Once you start knowing the person well, or once you have spent enough time with the person, then you realize the flaws of the person and slowly your infatuation starts to subside. Infatuation is a phase where you become so fond of someone or his qualities that you can not think of anything else other than that person.

But this phase and the feelings of it are temporary. Whereas, love makes you accept and appreciate the negative points or flaws of a person, slowly leading to a greater level of mutual respect, understanding and admiration.

It is often found that love starts from an infatuation. We often are infatuated by someone and as we start knowing that person better, our feelings for that person too grow, finally leading us to experience the bliss of love. So, whether its love or infatuation, give it time to shape up while you enjoy every minute of this great feeling.

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