Indie Fashion: Get yourself a Look that Rocks!

Indie Fashion is a very popular fashion style, inspired by Indie Rock music. So if you like, music like Modest Mouse and Grizzly Bear, this is the perfect style for you.

Indie Fashion or Indie Rock fashion, is one of the many styles that make use of vintage clothing.

Like most alternative rock fashion genres, Indie fashion stresses on creativity and self-expression. This means you have a chance to reveal your artistic side. Indie Fashion is popular with both the sexes.

If you want an Indie quick fix, you could go with the regular tee and skinny jeans combo. If you want to go the whole hog, you should get some vests, flannel plaid shirts, ringer tees, scarves, denim jackets, tank tops, leggings (dark or brightly colored), bandanas, headbands, boots, gloves, messenger bags, spiked collars, hip belts, unusual pendants, cardigan sweaters, vintage clothing, jewelry and other accessories, sunglasses (not the jeweled kind), leg warmers, tights, hats, headphones, and more.

Try to be as creative and original as possible because that is what Indie fashion is all about. Tees can have crazy-cool prints. You can add your own touches to your tees and even your shoes.

If you can make some of your own jewelry like the pendants and all, it would be even better and truly unique. Blend dark and bright colors, and most of all wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Neon colored leggings, legwarmers and tights are cool.

Military boots, moccasins, funky flats, Nike Dunks, etc, are most often worn, and it is preferable not to wear converse shoes, unless you can make them unique, since they are popular with the mainstream crowd.

A messenger bag or shoulder bag is important to complete your Indie ensemble. Denim jeans are usually dark or washed, but girls can wear brightly colored jeans, so long as it does not clash with the rest of their outfit.

When it comes to Indie hairstyles, a tousled, slightly bedraggled look is encouraged. Bangs are very popular with Indie fans. Makeup is minimal, and many opt for the dark, smoky eyed look. Try out neutral shades of eye shadow and lipstick to give yourself a more natural look (Indie fashion stresses on a natural look when it comes to makeup).