Increase Your Metabolism to Stay Fitter

There are many ways to increase the metabolism. When the metabolic system is able to assimilate energy from all the nutrients and the food products, then it burns fat faster.

Therefore with metabolism that is fast, not only you burn fat faster but also stay leaner and fitter. One of the best ways to increase metabolism is by doing intense exercises.

When you exercise to your utmost capacity, the heart beats 75% over its capacity. The fat is burnt to the maximum when the metabolic rate shoots up and stays that way till sometime after the exercise.

It is also said that fidgeting and making quick movements in our day to day life also helps to increase the metabolic rate. So if you jog to the store close to you in the morning and try to be make your kitchen a competition room with you timing yourself and running around with dishes and ingredients like they do in Top Chef, then it is highly likely that you will lose weight quickly.

If you are deft and quick in movements and do everything as fast as possible, then not only you will save time, but also your metabolism is going to increase in rate and you will get fitter and leaner.

Do some muscle building exercises as they require more energy for sustenance. If you have more muscles than you have fat, then the body’s energy requirement will be high. This in turn will help you burn fat even faster. Therefore muscle training is one of the best form of exercises which increases the metabolism, albeit slowly, but consistently.

How you eat and what you eat is also responsible for your metabolic rate. Therefore changing your diet and eating patterns also result in faster metabolism. Ensure that your breakfast is healthy and nourishing that will rev up your metabolic rate considerably for the day.

Have a lot of tomatoes as they have chromium which helps in increasing the metabolic rate. The other food sources which have high chromium content are green pepper, apples, eggs, meat and spinach. Another tip is to divide your meals in parts and eat more often.