In Relationships Men Value Experience More Than Words

Understanding men, is definitely a hard nut to crack, because you never know what is in their mind when it comes to things like love, sex and relationships. Here’s a little glimpse of how a man’s brain works, which might help you understand why they do what they do.

In most cases, the more time you spend with a guy, the more you end up confused about how to establish a personal connection with him. And so most women end up spending months or even years to ‘break the ice’, with the result that even after spending so much time, you are just counted as a friend or an acquaintance.

It’s quite understandable, that you can’t make a direct approach because you’re never sure what his response may be. But then if you always remain in doubt then how do you expect your relations to move on?

To understand men better, there’s no point playing that word game and to keep fidgeting with expressions to express how you feel about him. If you’re trying to tell him how you feel about him just to see him return your affections, then you’re going on the wrong track.

He doesn’t want to hear how you feel about him; rather he wants to experience your feelings. Also, trying to be honest about your feelings and trying to get him into talking and sharing his feelings, isn’t really going to open him up. Rather, it is how you behave and act, when you are with him, which can get him to open up with you.

A man will normally not respond to you the way you would really want him to, unless and until he feels a magical attraction towards you. So if you’re planning to tell him your feelings for him hold your horses and let him get a feel of your feelings and attraction before you actually express it in words. When you have been successful in creating that magical attraction, then go ahead and make a verbal expression and it will be most well received by him.

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Sidharth Thakur

  • I’m thinking men really don’t want to understand or hear about a woman’s feelings. They want to FEEL like you respect them. When they do, they will love everything there is tolove about you.