Improving one’s Personality

One doesn’t have much control on how he or she looks; what one can do at the most is to groom one’s looks in order to appear pleasing and presentable. But we have the choice to make our personality the way we want it to be;

pleasing or unpleasant. More than looks it’s the personality of an individual that has helped him throughout the ages to win people’s admiration and respect. It is commonly heard that in order to have good leadership qualities one must have a good personality along with other traits.

Therefore personality plays a very important role in determining how a person will appeal to others socially and may be to a great extent professionally as well.

It was much acclaimed by mental health professionals that one’s personality traits get crystallized by late adolescence. But this view has been much modified in recent times and it is opined that if not all yet various traits of personality can be modified even during adulthood.

Personality comes from the Latin word ‘personawhich means mask. Thus personality is something which masks our real face to a certain extent. It is actually the unique set of characteristics and traits that sets one person apart from the other; it creates the individual differences.

It is that set of perceptions within the individual that shapes his unique behavior pattern and thought processes. Therefore this uniqueness in a person can be used properly in his favor to get success in life.

People like individuals who exude a confidence and there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance. A good personality is made of confidence, assertiveness rather than aggression, showing interest in others and patience with juniors.

Personality also means how one handles challenging situations, staying cool and relaxed and to maintain one’s dignity in every situation. Handling all kinds of people, being honest and sincere is some of the personality traits one must develop to be successful.

To gain people’s trust and admiration one must show genuine interest in others by being a good listener. Taking interest in new things, appreciating others and showing respect are some of the positive personality traits that immediately attract people.

Smiling is an essential trait that helps winning even the hardest person. Having a positive outlook along with a humorous side makes an attractive personality!