Improve Your Man’s Sperm Health

Fertility problems are common, and nearly every 2 in 10 couples face some difficulty in reproducing. And it’s not always that the problem lies in women, because in half the cases the man may be deficient.

If a man’s sperm are not healthy, they may not be able to fertilize your egg, and your dream of having children will remain far fetched. There can be various reasons for the deficiencies in the sperm, but whatever be the reasons, we have here some tips that can make a difference to the quantity as well as the quality of the sperms your man ejaculates.

If he is still smoking, then convince and help him to kick the butt. Smoking doesn’t hamper with the sperm count, but it does make undesirable changes to the DNA of the sperm, which can create problems in conception.

Make your man to spend some good time outside in the sun, as suns rays help male fertility in two ways. One it increases the production of make hormone testosterone which is essential for the production of healthy sperm and two it lowers the melatonin in the skin which again is necessary for healthy sperms.

If you’ve been having sex too often, that’s more than once daily, then you need to slow down. A man’s testes need about 24 hours to produce a full load of healthy sperms. Sometimes increasing the gap to 48 hours may also help, especially when your man’s sperm count or semen volume is too low. However, stretching the gap to more than two days won’t prove much fruitful.

If he is overweight, it’s time you get him enrolled into a gym and get him started on a healthy diet, because a body mass index of more than 25 doesn’t spell good news for his sperms. As the fat deposits increase the testosterone levels plunge, as also the ability of his testes to produce healthy and enough sperms. Also, fat men have been reported to be poor performers in the bed.

Diet plays a significant role in the quality and quantity of the sperm, so think about making some healthy changes to your man’s diet so that his sperm count and sperm motility increase. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals need to be in the focus. Vitamin A, C and E and zinc and folic acid are the main nutrients needed for the production of healthy sperms.

And lastly, you need to ration his alcohol intake, because too much of alcohol affects the ability of the testes to produce the right amount and the right type of sperms.