Important Tips For Sex After Pregnancy

Sex After Pregnancy Sex is an important aspect of a conjugal life. Pregnancy is on the other hand a very natural process and a blessing to a married couple. However, with pregnancy the lifestyle and pattern may change for the couple but it changes for the good. Many couples may remain in anticipation regarding how their lives will change and most importantly what will be sex life after a pregnancy.

Nappy changing, sleepless nights and wailing babies may create a negative picture for the prevalence of any exciting sex life. But to speak the truth no such gruesome pictures are a reality as sex after a pregnancy can be as exciting and fun as it was before the pregnancy.

How  To Have Sex After Pregnancy

Considerations For Sex After Pregnancy

Pregnancy involves a global change in the woman which includes her mental, physical and social being. Your body has undergone a big change which may take some time to get back to the previous condition. If you had a caesarian delivery then you may take some more time to heal properly.

After a pregnancy a woman’s first priority becomes tending and nursing to her new born. A new born is very delicate and requires almost continuous care and vigilance. Of course family members, caregivers and partner can take turns in tending to the baby so that the new mother can take enough rest to get healed properly.

Sex After Pregnancy

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It is very natural to feel tired and fatigued after child birth. On one hand your body goes through a healing process and on the other hand you may have to spend sleepless nights, breastfeed the baby and tend to all its needs. Therefore, sex may take a back seat for a while just after pregnancy. The new father should be understanding, compassionate and patient to wait until his wife is in a position to have satisfying sex with him.

So, When It Is The Time For Sex After Pregnancy

Clinically at least six weeks after pregnancy can be enough for you to begin considering sex once again. Remember you have to be more careful now regarding birth control procedures as just after a pregnancy you are more prone to get pregnant once again. Often breast feeding and other physical conditions may delay your periods and you may never realize when you have got pregnant again! Therefore, consult your doctor who can recommend proper birth control procedures for you.

Great tips for sex after pregnancy

Both the partners may be feeling the urgency to make love and sex after the pregnancy. During the later months of pregnancy you couldn’t have indulged in sex and therefore the urgency becomes greater. However, there can be some initial difficulties like pain and discomfort while having sex as the vagina may remain dry due to breastfeeding. It is recommended that you can use a lubricating gel or cream to make it easier and less painful.

Within a few weeks the new mother gets an idea about the baby’s schedule and you can accordingly plan to have sex after the baby has been fed and is sleeping. Proper rest and care of the new mother is very essential to indulge in a great sex life. Take proper diet and rest while the new father can be as cooperative and caring to help his wife get back on her feet.

Most important aspect is communication between the partners regarding how they feel and accordingly plan a convenient way to make best use of the time available to make love and have sex.

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