Importance of Play for Kids

With changing times and demand for tight spaced schedules play is becoming a thing of the past. The importance of play has to be understood in the all round development and growth of a child.

With academic pressures mounting up play activities have taken back seat. But with the revival of many age old concepts and understanding of their importance play has also become a mandatory part of a kid’s life style. In order to understand the significance of play in a kid’s development we must observe a few things about play.

Kids have excess amount of energy which usually decrease with the advent of adulthood. Therefore they are in constant action to give vent to this excess energy in the form of play.

That’s why kids never seem to be tired! Play schools play an important part in a kid’s development as it is usually a preparatory stage where the kid not only gets ready for a mainstream school but also gets ample scope to indulge in playful activities.

Overall play activities in home as well as academic institutions promote physical health and development, emotional well being, help building social skills. If parents take part in play activities along with kids better relationships and bonding prevail.

Play school concept has come up to stress on the development of the sensory motor areas rather than stressing on the academics; as once sense and motor coordination develops along with social skills academics also become easy to assimilate. Play schools generally operate for not more than two to three hours a day and a class usually consists not more than fifteen to twenty students.

Kids learn through observation and imitation. The home may not always be able to provide all the stimulations necessary for over all development.

Play schools step in to formulate ways and methods which operate on a scientific basis taking into consideration the kid’s age and learning capacity and giving the appropriate stimuli which motivate them to learn faster.

Kids learn as they watch other kids in the play school and together they learn well. No pressure or curriculum is followed. Only a set of meaningful play activities that are scientifically designed for the kid’s development are followed therefore giving ample scope of freedom which is very important for a kid’s initial stepping stone into the world of learning and development.