Importance of Breast Milk

Human beings are part of the natural world and fall in the animal kingdom. Due to the highly developed brain humans have been able to bring civilization which other animals couldn’t.

But physiologically human are not much different from other mammals. Just as other mammals in the animal kingdom feed their new born with mother’s milk so does the human new born needs to be fed totally on mother’s breast milk for the first six to seven months at least. As the baby develops within the mother’s womb the breast milk from the mother suits the baby best which is most easy to digest.

Feeding the baby with breast milk is the initial stepping stone to the mother child bonding. It’s a beautiful inter dependence between the mother and baby; the mother lactates when the baby is hungry.

Nature has unique balance system and scientific reasons for all the creations and systems. Breast milk is most indispensable for the baby and there are certain valid reasons as well. A mother should always find it one of the loveliest joys to feed her baby with her breast milk.

Breast milk has wonderful qualities as it is rich in nutrients and helps building immunity fast in the baby. The vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids being mild on the baby’s intestinal tract help digestion.

Being rich in iron which can be easily absorbed by the baby breast milk is also available to the baby as the purest form of nutrition. Therefore there are innumerable benefits of breast milk which nature has designed especially for the new born baby’s benefit; keeping him healthy and safe from various diseases.

Unfortunately there are mothers who due to various reasons are unable to feed their baby with breast milk. These may be due to hormonal problems, illness and stress which may prevent breast milk from developing or due to malformation of the breast like inverted nipple which prevents the baby from sucking the breast milk.

One can try to make efforts by which breast milk can develop; keep the mother and child close so that demand can increase supply, make the mother feel stress free and emotionally well, boost mother’s confidence and do walking as a regular exercise. One mustn’t stop the effort to give breast milk till three months at least in order to enjoy one of the best joys.