Immunity And Health

The world is becoming a stressful place to live in, with us humans –the best of species available contributing to its downfall.

It is becoming a vicious cycle of the hunter and the hunted, where the humans are acting both ways by hunting down the green ecology and in turn becoming a part of the group of hunted with its ill effects.

The society is going wacky in the search of possible resistors as medication supplements to fight and manage the stress-related immunity breakdowns that we have so masterfully put upon ourselves.

Now, there are a lot of available synthetic immune boosters in the market that can help a bit, but are most definitely overpriced and would offer various side effects if used for long. There are however, better options, like intake of proper vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals that really help, although not overnight, but definitely with a consistent intake.

For example, Vitamin E has been known for years to be a wonderful supplement for skin and overall health rejuvenation. This vitamin is a complete necessity for immunity boost. Immune cells fail to function with low vitamin E concentration. According to nutritionists low immunity can prove to be as dangerous as not washing hands.

However, a majority of the civilized population, let alone the people who leave below or within poverty line, fail to get enough of this vitamin from their daily food intake. Researchers say that we need a minimum daily dose of fifteen milligram of vitamin E –a mere thirty grams of almond can provide seven milligram of this life improve vitamin.

Elders in our society need an even higher dose of two hundred milligrams of vitamin E each day. A standard amount of vitamin E intake on a daily basis can successfully reduce the hazard of flu and cold by twenty percent. However, a very high amount of about four hundred milligram is not suggested and is deadly.

Another trace mineral Selenium, is very helpful in building and supporting the enzymes of our immune system. Although the deficiency of this mineral is not that prevalent, but a little extra can go a long way in sharpening their immunity. A tuna sandwich will provide the required daily dose of fifty five micrograms of selenium.