Ideas To Dress Up Jeans

Jeans are one of the most comfortable & versatile outfits that can transform your look from casual to sexy and from street-smart to glamorous in minutes. You can wear a pair of jeans almost anywhere subject to the condition that you dress up your jeans appropriately.

Here are a few ideas to dress up jeans so that you can transform your jeans and your look into something that turns heads.

Jackets and Blazers

Jackets of various kinds can help you dress up your jeans in a variety of ways. Wear a leather jacket and get a bold, bad-girl look. Pair your jeans with a long coat-like jacket, whether in leather or any other fabric, and you are ready with a stylish and classy look. Belted jackets are also very in now-a-days and can be given a try.

Blazers had been reserved for official or business use for long. But now they can help you gain a fashionable look even outside your office premises. Things that you must consider are the make and fit of your jacket. Make sure that the jacket or blazer you wear is well-fitted and the cut or design of it compliments your body type.

Top It Up

Choosing the right top is the most vital requirement when it comes to dressing up your jeans. While a plain T-shirt may be just perfect for the most casual of times, a top made of some evening fabric increases your glamour quotient. You can increase the “oomph” factor by pairing your jeans with a halter neck, plunging neckline, spaghetti strap, off – shoulder, etc. You can also get dressy in your jeans for your office in a white shirt, a ruffled blouse, a high neck top, etc.

Choose The Right Shoes

Selecting the right shoe with your jeans can alter your entire look. While sneakers make you look casually dressed, high heels give that stylish and a more formal look to your dress up. Boots of various lengths can make you look sexy and glamorous when paired with the right kind of jeans.

Accessorize To Dress Up

Accessories can make or break your look. Here is a list of the accessories that can help you dress up your jeans in your desired look.


If you are going for a simple-girl look then choose those small studs. Reserve the dangling or large eye-catching earrings for a more glamorous look. If you want to achieve a casual and funky look then you can pile up on some neck-pieces, some beaded chains, a few bangles (preferably of different colors) and you are ready to go.

Hat And Head Scarf 

Hats and jeans can be an interesting combination. Depending on your plan for the day, you can choose a cowboy hat, a cap or any other one from the hat family. For a chic bohemian look ditch the hat and try a head scarf.

Neck Scarf 

Add a splash of color to your denim look with a vibrant and colorful scarf around your neck. Along with adding brightness, they will lend you a lively fashionable appearance.

Sunglasses or Shades 

Introduce that grace or funkiness in your denim look with your favorite shades. Sunglasses are never out of fashion and always help to dress you up for the occasion.

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