Ideas For Organizing Clothes

Ideas For Clothes Organizing

7 Ways to organise clothes


Clothes require the utmost care. This is very true for your expensive designer pieces, which need to be organized, laundered and ironed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. By this, you can increase the life of your clothes and not spend humungous amounts on dry cleaning. Here are some tips for organizing and caring for your clothes.

Various Ideas For Organizing Clothes


Laundering And Washing tips

washing and laundering tips


Sort your clothes before washing. This will ensure their cleanliness. Sort by the kind of fabric, colour and the washing instructions. Try to wash clothes by turning them inside out while washing. The insides are generally dirtier and this will prevent your clothes from fading out. Bulky items like table and bed linen should always be washed together. This ensures maximum cleanliness. Clothes like socks can all be piled up and washed. Items that produce lint like towels should always be washed separately. Heavily soiled garments need to be sorted and washed together.

Sort clothes in wicker baskets as per their fabric, colour and grime. This is done prior to loading them in the machine. Use another basket to hold clean clothes. This ensures that dirty clothes are not mixed up with the clean ones. Wash all delicate garments like silk and chiffon together in a delicate cycle. If you are not sure about how a garment should be cleaned, take it to the dry cleaner. It is better to be safe than sorry.

fabric and color care subheading

Fabric And Colour Care

Just as whites become off white with use, blacks too tend to become off black or faded. This is because of the excess dye that has been used in these fabrics. The solution is to use anti-fade formula detergents. They help to retain the colour of the

Lingerie is best tackled by hand. This is very true for bras, which tend to get messed up and fuzzy in the machine. Make sure you clasp them before dunking them in the machine. Do not cram the dryer. Add enough to promote efficient drying. Never mix dry with wet clothes.

Drying And Ironing

laundering subheading


Use a mounted rod to hold hangers near your ironing board. Make sure all shirts are immediately hung there for ironing as soon as they are dry. Never put bras and lacy underwear in your dryer. This can positively ruin their fit and texture. It is better to simply air dry them. Padded cups should be smoothed out before drying. Dry them flat. If the sole plate of your iron has a brown or reddish hue, take care of it immediately. It has obviously occurred due to misuse or by ironing clothes with a very hot iron. Get a good iron cleanser and make sure you clean the iron out. This will ensure the longevity of your iron.

Use a steam iron. It will definitely be your money’s worth. They effortlessly iron shirts and coats with thick materials. The only things that you will possibly struggle with are dress shirts with creases. Invest in a quality ironing board for all your ironing. This will reduce difficulties while handling large and tough garments.

sorting of clothessubhead

Sorting And Storing Clothes

Always have separate shelves for your outfits. Two drawers should hold your lingerie and socks. Have separate enclosures for party dresses and skirts. Saris and formal wear should be hung. Daily wear tops, shirts and dresses should be accessible and placed within reach. Gym wear requires pristine care and a separate shelf should hold your gym slacks and tees. With the above tips, your closet and clothes can be more organized.

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