Ideas For Dads About Children’s Crafts

fathersday_craft Father’s Day is a special day set aside to celebrate dad, step dad, grand dad or any other father figure in your life. Children are especially excited about this day as they want to show their father how much they love him by means of some manifestation or the other.

You can be instrumental in giving your child some craft ideas which they can make at home and in the process help them to nourish their creative imagination. Need less to say that things made are home are more cozy and lovable than things bought with money.

* Home made Father’s Day card – this is a time tested concept. But though this method is old, it is still immensely popular and will remain so. Just let your child draw and color anything they like and write down cute words they want to express on a special day like this.

* Scrapbook – now this is a tool which can give you endless options. Grab a scrapbook and allow your child to cut and paste whatever they feel like. It can be the picture of their special hero which they may compare with their dad, or paste the pictures of the family or the focus may also be on a particular trip or picnic with dad that was very enjoyable and memorable.

* Dad’s favorites – fill up an empty bin with all the favorite stuffs of dad like peanuts, chocolates, CDs, and other goodies. Color the outer surface area of the bin or you may also wrap it up with the photos of the father and the son together to make it more meaningful.

* Personalize the BBQ – dad’s favorite BBQ can be personalized by the children the way they like. Make all the tools of it like the canvas apron, oven mitts etc very colorful and childlike to make it more warm incur a sense of belonging and love.

* Mini golf – just prepare an artificial golf course in the backyard or the basement in case it is a rainy day. Obstacles can be created with the help of toys or anything funny and childlike to mitigate the seriousness of the game. Your child may also take part in the game along with the father for an enjoyable and memorable day.