Ideas For A Romantic Wedding

Getting married is, undoubtedly, the most special occasion in every woman’s life, so needless to say that every bride wants this day to be extra special, so that she can cherish the memories of it all through her life. Infuse in some great amount of romanticism in your wedding plan and you’re sure to lay a strong and healthy foundation for a loving relationship.

To make your wedding unusually romantic, you need to think beyond the regular wedding patterns. Even as gardens, hotels and churches other more commonly sought  wedding venues, look for more exotic locations such as farmhouses, beaches, rooftops of high city buildings, country lodges, historical sites or maybe you could even think about hosting your wedding on a floating raft. When you have decided on the wedding venue, plan the entire arrangement of things, and don’t forget to use a lot of flowers in your decor scheme, to keep up the romantic appeal of the occasion.

Now, when your wedding location is so unique, let your wedding invitation also reflect uniqueness. So instead of the regular printed cards think of something unusual or different like invitations imprinted on metal foils, calligraphy on silk, handwritten on handmade paper or something of the sort.

The wedding ring is the center of attraction of the whole ceremony, so go ahead and be as choosy as you want to be, to find some beautiful piece in gold. However, the solitaire diamond ring is definitely the most charming of all wedding rings.

It’s your special day, and nobody can stop you from looking good. Put together an ensemble, weeks in advance to avoid last minute chaos. Settle for a gown that brings out the best side of you, and increase its romantic appeal by choosing the right accessories for it. These days wedding gowns come in a lot of pastel shades, but there is nothing as pleasing and as fitting on a bride as a traditional white wedding gown.

Let your choice of fabric be based on the season of the year, as well as the kind of weight and fall that you need in the fabric. Once you have finalized on your wedding gown, spend some time collecting accessories and make up items, as well as sit down with your hairdresser to find out the most suitable hairstyle to go with your overall outfit.

And lastly, when everything seems picture perfect, why not have a professional photographer to come over and to a good job in preserving the memories of this special occasion.

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Sidharth Thakur