3 Ideas For A Fancy Dress Competition

3 Ideas For Fancy Dress Competition

Regular events can be the source of ideas for a fancy dress contest. In a play school such kind of competitions are often organized where the toddlers are required to dress up as they feel like based on certain themes and not to mention, the kudos mainly go to the parents. The more  novel you are, the more are you appreciated.

The most important thing to be kept in mind is that do not pressurize your kid for winning. Rehearsal is very important. The dialogues should be learnt by heart by your kid. Practice can help your child to overcome stage fright. Also make sure that the gear is worn correctly to give no chance for accidents to take place. The child should be comfortable with the dress and hence choose the layers, props and clothing carefully.

It is easier to tackle older kids and generally they are more enthusiastic about such events. Toddlers require proper convincing and many things like make up etc may intimidate them since they are encountering it for the first time. Try to familiarize them with a few pictures.

Indian tradition

Ideas are normally based on themes like animals, ecology, sports, Indian tradition etc. Whichever subject you choose, try to prepare apt dialogues. Here we give you some ideas as to how you can go about preparing your child.

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In case you are choosing the animal theme, you may dress up your kid as a Dalmatian dog. You just need a white T and a full pant. Make a short tail with a string. Make dog ears by hanging cotton balls beside a cap. Make uneven black spots on the dress using a black fabric color.

Your kid Dress Up As Harry Potter

Your kid may dress up as Harry Potter. Just stitch a black cloak, gel the hair until the forehead, mark a scar on the forehead, give him a painted wooden wand and round spectacles. Magical chants can make up for the dialogue.

Save Trees

Your child may go as a Baker with hat like that of a chef and a tray full of cookies. An ecological cause can also be portrayed. You just have to make a cardboard tree and let your child carry a placard saying “Save Trees”. A wild idea may be to paint your child with loud colors, make him wear ethnic accessories like beads and necklaces to make him look like a Red Indian.

Fancy dress competitions are always exciting for kids and it is fun even to watch them. Cheer up your child and make him/her feel at home. Loud applauses boost up the confidence of children.