Hypothyroidism in Women

Thyroid is a tiny butterfly shaped gland located in the neck region; although it’s tiny its importance cannot be underestimated, for it plays a significant role in a lot of bodily functions like growth and repair of tissues and regulating the metabolism. In women, the thyroid is particularly important for the proper functioning of the reproductive system. Whenever this gland malfunctions, a number of health issues can arise.

Hypothyroidism and women

Hypothyroidism refers to the condition where the thyroid gland slows down, thus causing the thyroid hormone levels to dip. Although hypothyroidism creates problems for both women and men, the impact is more substantial in case of women. Also women are more prone to getting hypothyroidism; however there are no findings on why women face this problem more.

While some women may develop hypothyroidism during pregnancy or adolescence, most women are affected by this problem during the pre-menopause period. It is believed that since there is a lot of hormonal flux and a lot of hormonal imbalance during all these three stages, the thyroid function may go off the track as a result of these hormonal changes.

In young women hypothyroidism can create problems or delay in the proper development of the reproductive system. Also women affected with hypothyroidism often experience a lot of problem in conceiving and holding a pregnancy for the full term. If you are planning on a baby, and have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, then it’s in your best interest to get your hypothyroidism cured before conception. In later stages of life, when entering into menopause, hypothyroidism can initiate or speedup osteoporosis, as well. Sometimes hypothyroidism during menopause may lead to mental depression also.

The treatment

The usual treatment involves giving you thyroxin hormone supplements, to bring the thyroid hormone levels back to normal. The dosage will depend on how severe you individual condition is. Also you may be prescribed with some health supplements and dietary changes to make your body get the nutrients which are essential to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. The treatment is usually long stretched and before six months you may not be able to see any significant positive developments.

However, remaining particular about your diet and exercise, can speedup things a little.

Sidharth Thakur