Hypertension and Tips to Deal with it

Hypertension can be hereditary or can be acquired. This is a chronic form of tension where the tensed state of the person leads to high blood pressure and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Here are some tips on how to deal with it:

Reduce the consumption of salty snacks and pickled food items. The objective is to reduce the sodium intake of the body. Also avoid all processed food items. The excess of sodium helps build blood pressure easily and hypertension and blood pressure go hand in hand.

You can also considerably cut down on the sodium intake by not allowing the use of sauces and instant mixes in your kitchen. Substitute with herbs and spices, the inclusion of which are not only going to add to the taste but also will have no adverse effects.

Cut down on cigarettes if you smoke; smoking never helps someone who is already suffering from a case of hypertension. Change the alcohol you usually have or better still, you can switch to wine for better health and reduced hypertension but always have it in moderation.

One of the ways to control stress is by doing cardiovascular exercises. Do these exercises in the presence of an instructor and never overexert. Cardiovascular exercises will condition the heart and it will be able to sustain the increased heartbeat during a bout of hypertension much more easily. These exercises will prevent any cardiovascular complications that might arise due to hypertension.

Another extremely important thing is to reduce weight. Find out the normal weight for a person of your height and ensure that you do not exceed it by too large a margin because it is only when you have normal weight, chances are best that hypertension can be treated in the best manner possible.

The excess body weight always demands extra from any nutrition intake just for its maintenance. Reduce your weight and treat your body with the extra resources to take care of it.

Fatty food increases weight and also restricts the arteries of the heart, leading to quickly heightened blood pressure and increased risk of stroke. Eat healthy by balancing your diet and diligently avoid food that is not suited for you.