Hygenic Use Of Household Products To Prevent Bacterial Skin Infection

We often don’t toss our cosmetics or tooth brushes or kitchen sponges till they reach a state when we cannot use them at all. A close research on the internet however spells different. We need to know what the actual timeframe for using all these products is, starting from tampons to kitchen sponges and when they should be actually tossed for a new one.

The tampons are usually more sanitized and so they can be used till the wrapper is in good stead. A tampon should never get contaminated as there is the chance of vaginal irritation and bacterial infection in such cases. You must toss the sneakers every year as the area that gives your feet all the support and the cushioning get spoilt and you can have severe knee and back pain due to such shoes.

Through worn out foot soles bacterial infection is caused. Remember to get rid of foundation in six to eight months time as soon as they show any inconsistency or they appear discolored. The bacteria can even form on the make up brushes if they are not cleaned properly. There could be painful bacterial infections of the skin due to unhyegenic use of cosmetics and make up brushes.

Another thing that you need to throw out is the sports bra which shows the first signs of wear and tear. This can also be the cause of neck and back pain. Your cup size changes due to a gain in the weight can prompt you for a change of the bra. Constant use cause bacteria to collect in clothings.

Toothbrushes at the most should be used for three to four months and as soon as the bristles are damaged and frayed they should not be used any more. The bristles may be harmful and cause infections like periodontitis and gingivitis.

Eye makeup also is a cause of bacterial irritation to the eyes if they are used for a long time. They pick up bacteria and there is constant watering and irritation to the eyes as a result of that. You have to be careful about the use of eye make up after six months of opening the same.

Sunscreen, sex lubricants, facial cleansers, lip balms, kitchen boards and kitchen sponges also tend to be used for a longer time than expected and they develop bacteria in the process. It is unhygienic for all the products mentioned above to be used longer than is expected and therefore they should be strictly replaced.