Humidity Treatment For Hair To Stop Further Damage

Humidity Treatment For Hair To Stop Further Damage

Humidity Treatment For Hair To Stop Further Damage Humidity is one of the major reasons why your hair feels rough, frizzy and unmanageable. The water content in the atmosphere destabilizes the moisture of the hair, thus making your hair look bushy, coarse and extremely dry. You can understand the effect of humidity yourself.

Your hair remains fine and perfect till you are sitting in the air conditioned reclines of your house or your car. But, the moment you step out, your tresses are no more beautifully set.

Even your blow dried nicely set hair gets destroyed. Such is the power of the humid atmosphere!  So, you can beat the heat of the humidity only if you know about the humidity treatment for hair. So, read the following to understand how to tackle your hair when you are in a humid region.

Effective Humidity Treatment for Hair to Stop Against Further Damage

Humidity And Your Hair

It is important to first understand the inter-relation between humidity and hair to know the best humidity treatment for hair.  Your hair consists of the hair follicles that lie beneath the scalp and the hair cuticle that lie above the scalp. The cuticle is further covered with a protein called keratin.

When the atmosphere is humid, this protein bond called keratin becomes weak and the water content of the atmosphere affects the cuticle to make the hair frizzy and dry. The chemical bonding of the hair is unbalanced by the intrusion of the water which causes the disturbance to hairs and the dryness.

Humidity Treatment for Hair Through External Products

It is difficult to absolutely solve the problem of humidity affecting your hair. All you can do is to try and fortify your hair against it. There are various styling products you can use to minimize the effect of the humid weather. Many silicones such as cyclomethicone or dimethicone are strong enough to fight against the penetration of the water content in the atmosphere.

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The silicone seals the cuticle and does not allow the water to affect the hair texture. You can also use hair sprays which protects your hair against the heat and the water content of the humid weather. There are gels, mousses, hair creams and serums which also work differently as humidity treatment for hair. So, select the products you like best and experiment with them to let your tresses breathe and feel nice about themselves.

Hairstyles You Can Try

There are hairstyles which you can try if you have a bad hair day due to the humid content. You can keep your hairs open if you are fond of showcasing your hairs. You should preferably straighten your hair and apply a lot of hairspray or mousse before opening your hairs.

You can also try different kinds of make ups that are not only stylish and graceful, but also perfect for the humid weather. A bun or hair braids also works just fine for the hair afflicted by the humid weather. Thus, humidity treatment for hair includes all kinds of hair styles. You should not panic if you start losing hair and rather resort to immediate treatment.