How You Can Have And Maintain Healthy, Beautiful Hair

There are three key factors that lead to healthy and beautiful hair – physical well being, proper cleaning of the hair and adequate caution during cosmetic procedures.

1. Adequate Diet

A healthy and nutritious diet helps in hair growth. Many people loose hair due to the common diet problem of iron deficiency, called Anaemia. Anaemia occurs when the diet has insufficient amount of eggs, meat, peas, beans and cereals. The diet should also include fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C that help in iron absorption.

2. Trimming your hair

Although trimming and cutting is not extremely necessary for having beautiful hair, it will help you to have a clean scalp when the hair is short in length. However, it’s just a myth that regular trimming and cutting makes your hair grow faster or stronger.

3. How cosmetic procedures can damage your hair

Your scalp hair is usually strong by nature and can remain unaffected despite some abuse. However, excessive dyeing, massage, bleaching or perming can damage it. Even a novice trying out these cosmetic procedures can harm your hair severely. The extent to which your hair can withstand such cosmetic procedures differs from one person to the other.

The scalp of some people may become swollen and inflamed due to allergic reaction to the hair dye. Such incidents can be prevented by testing the dye. You can apply a small amount of it on your arm. If the area itches or some inflammation occurs, you should not use the dye on your hair.

Hydrogen peroxide is a common element used in bleaching hair. Repeated application of it may decrease the strength of the hair. When hair becomes brittle due to excessive use of this peroxide, it may loose its luster, become thin, have split ends or may get shortened.