How you can create a Bath Spa at home

We girls, who are busy day in and day out can bring the spa experience to our homes very easily  by making a bath spa at home. This can be a great solution. If you have a bathtub at home then half the job is done in creating your mini spa. A spa experience is a wonderful experience for anyone there and you would be surprised at the amount of relief it can bring to your body.

You have to get all the things that you would need to make the spa. You have to make sure that the place you would be using for the spa is quiet and it is all to yourself. You can even talk to people at home so that they give you a lot of privacy.

You have to set the spa scene and if you have a friend who can help to set up your dream spa, go ahead with the plan. You have to fill the tub with hot water that you can tolerate before you enter the spa. Natural salts can be used and the use of essential oils would make the spa experience a worthy one. Light the natural candles and let the place be illuminated with the light of the candles. Tea lights would be great as they fit the requirement perfectly.

You can have your favorite incense burning or put your fragrance into the hot water. A few drops would do as the smell would spread. Scents play a great part in soothing your nerves. You can also use some flowers and have your favorite fruits sliced and cut and enjoy a few slices. You can put on a face pack and a hair pack also.

Use towels that have been warmed and kept in a dryer for some time. Then when you wash off the face pack and the hair pack be sure to use a scrub and then use some light moisturizer. That’s it. It would be a wonderful spa experience for you and you would look forward to this refreshing spa experience every time at the comfort of your home.