How Work Stress Can Affect The Would-Be Mom and Baby

If you have been having undergoing spotting while in pregnancy state, you should immediately see the doctor. The Doctor would put you on Progesterone for a few days which would relieve you of the symptoms of spotting during pregnancy. You may have to go through an ultrasound therapy before that.

If this happens due to low Progesterone level, what could be affecting the level of Progesterone in you? It could be a highly stressful job that you are in. You might be thinking of leaving a highly stressful job in such conditions.

Stress may play a good part in the health of the mother as well as that of the fetus. Women who have to stand at a stretch of four hours at a job may be at a high stress of getting into preterm labour.
It is very difficult to tell what amount of stress could affect a mother. There are other variables of stress too like alcohol, chemicals, smoking, and aging. We don’t actually know what effect stress can play on pregnancy.

The reason for lower level of progesterone hormone in the body is because the fertilized ovum is implanted insufficiently and also because of the follicle formation that is inadequate. Some women have this luteal phase effect where there is ovulation but the follicle that is ruptured does not produce enough progesterone to support pregnancy.

Spotting always does not mean there is some deficit in progesterone. Many women who have bleeding during the pregnancy term has no consequences later on. The deficit in the body can be seen with ultrasound or with hormonal assays. The benefit of bed rest although is quite under dispute. But if you work long hours and the job is stressful, you have to rest for some time.

It is wise for a would-be mother to look into what’s happening with her body at every step of pregnancy and then arrange her diet and periods of rest accordingly. If the job is stressful, it is wise that you should take rest in snatches and also get the nutrition that is so desirable at all times.