How To Whiten Yellow Toenails

How To Whiten Yellow Toenails

How To Whiten Yellow Toenails Many people have yellow toenails. Women use nail polish frequently for hiding their yellow nails. However, this is not the right treatment. There are many reasons due to which toenails become yellow and destroy the looks of feet.

In fact, applying nail polish is one of commonest reasons for yellow toenails as nail polish application results in staining of nails. In case of men, any type of infection can be the reason for such toenails. There are some steps that can be taken for whitening yellow toenails. If fungal or some other infections are the reasons for such toenails, health care provider must be contacted.

Steps for Whitening Yellow Toenails

Almost all the steps for whitening yellow toenails involve topical application. Thus, it is very necessary that nail polish is first removed carefully from the toenails by using a nail polish remover. There are basically two types of removers available in market. These are acetone containing removers and without acetone removers. Latter are considered as safe for use. Once nail polish has been removed, treatment for removing stains can be started.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to whiten yellow toenails is toothpaste application. It is said that toothpaste is very effective in removing stains found on nails. For this purpose, small quantity of toothpaste can be applied over toenails. Nails are then brushed by using a soft toothbrush. Afterwards, these are washed with water. This treatment must be repeated two to three times in a day. Results are usually seen after one week.

In this treatment, hard toothbrush should not be used, as it can destroy outer layer of nails as well as cuticle. In the same way, mouthwash can also be used for whitening toenails. Small quantity of mouthwash is added to a bowl of water and toenails are soaked in this solution for duration of fifteen to twenty minutes. This exercise is normally done at night before going to bed. Afterwards, toe is washed with warm water.

This solution is also helpful in treating fungal infection, which causes yellowish hue in some cases. Denture cleaning tablets are also effective in whitening yellow toenails. A tablet is first dissolved in water and toenails are then soaked in this solution. After 15 minutes, these are rinsed with water. This process must be repeated three times a day. After seven to ten days, stains from the nails are removed.

One of best natural astringents is lemon. Lemon is used for removing stains on variety of surfaces and toenails are no exception. For this purpose, few lemons are squeezed into a bowl of water so as to form a solution. Toenails are then soaked in this solution for 15 to 20 minutes. In this duration, nails should be rubbed gently with soft toothbrush or fingers. This treatment should be done at least once in two days.

removing yellow stains from toenails

Results are usually found after two weeks. Even lemon slices can be rubbed directly on toenails for removing stains. This process should be repeated two times in a week. Discoloration and stains are removed in two to three weeks generally. Paste of lemon juice and baking soda is also effective in removing yellow stains from toenails. For this purpose, equal quantities of lemon juice and baking soda are mixed for making a paste. Small quantity of this paste is applied on center of each toenail.

Nails are then buffed with nail buffer. After buffing for few minutes, toe is washed with water. If needed, small quantities of moisturizer can be applied after drying them. This method is one of the quickest ways of whitening yellow toenails. In place of lemon, its essential oil can be used for removing the stains. Toenails should be soaked in a container having lemon essential oil. After soaking for five to ten minutes, toenails are rinsed with warm water.

Lemon essential oil does wonders on discolored nails. This treatment is done for conditioning nails also. As a result of this treatment, nails appear healthy and white. One of best bleaching agents is hydrogen peroxide. It has great oxidizing properties and removes all sorts of stains. It is quite effective in whitening yellow toenails also. It is applied in the form of paste, which is made by mixing three tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide.

The concentration of peroxide used for treatment is usually 3%. This paste is then applied to toenails and left for ten to fifteen minutes. Afterwards, toenails are rinsed with water and dried with towel or hot air drier. Moisturizer is then applied for compensating the moisture that is lost. Nail cleaner can also be used for whitening yellow toenails. Nail cleaner is very effective in treating discolored nails.

A cotton ball is dampened with nail cleaner first and is then rubbed on toenails gently. After rubbing, nail cleaner is left on nails for ten to fifteen minutes and then, toe is washed with warm water. This treatment should be done three times in a week for getting sparkling toenails. A proper cleaning routine is also helpful in removing the stains from toenails. First of all, nail polish should be removed. Toe is then dipped in a bowl containing mild liquid soap.

After soaking toe for ten to fifteen minutes, it is rinsed thoroughly with water. Toenails are then wiped with soft towel for drying them. This exercise can be carried out daily. Mixture of olive oil and oregano oil also helps in whitening toenails. This potential toenail treatment is done by mixing equal quantities of olive and oregano essential oil. It is to be understood that oregano oil has excellent antiseptic, anti fungal and antibacterial properties.

Toenails are dipped in mixture of these oils for ten minutes and then washed with water. This treatment should be done twice in a week. In some cases, due to yeast infection also, toenails become yellow. For dealing with such conditions, paste containing yoghurt and garlic is applied to nails. Toenails are then washed with water after half an hour.   If instant whitening on toenails is required, a nail whitening pencil should be used. In the same way, French manicure can be obtained, which also results in instant whitening of toenails.

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