How To Whiten Nails Naturally

How To Whiten Nails Naturally

How To Whiten Nails Naturally Most of us are in love with clean nails. More often than not what disgusts most women of taste are not non-manicured hands, but hands that have  all chipped nail paints, undone and unretouched.

Even if there is no nail color on, there can be ways by which you can still make your hands look classy. You may be wearing the perfectly done best nail varnish in most recent shade. But still there are certain codes that would make your hands so perfect and clean that people might actually look forward to shaking hands with you.

What is a better impression than that?Well, there is something uglier than even that. There are many women who use their hands to make food, or even eat. This is more so in case of Indian women or people who work in small restaurants who use their hands or may be just people who have somehow stained their nails.

The reason of staining can be many. Wearing dark nail paints might stain the nails. Even colored food products like turmeric and so on, may leave distinct yellow stain on the nails. Or your nails might become stained just in its natural course. So what do we do about it? While there are many ways, for people who prefer homemade and natural tricks, there are solutions to this.

The first method is pretty simple. Just take a slice of lime.  Pour a drop or two on your nails and then, start rubbing it on the nails. You can also rub the slice itself which is more convenient. This would remove most kind of stains from the nails. There is another natural remedy to remove the stain. Just take some mouth wash in a bathing mug or a manicure bowl and dilute it with water. Now, dip your hands in the mixture and wait for fifteen minutes. After that, rub your nails. The stain would be cleaned.

If you do not want to waste your mouth wash and need something stronger, take some toothpaste in a bowl. Yes, toothpaste of any color will do. But it is important that the toothpaste has fluoride as one of it’s component. Now, take half a lime and squeeze the juice on the toothpaste in the bowl. Take a brush, preferable a flat one and mix the lime juice and the toothpaste.

Mix them well so that the mixture turns into a smooth paste. Now, stretch out your nails and brush on this mixture. Do this to all your nails on both the hands. Then, rest for some time. Let this mixture stay on for some time. Half an hour should be sufficient. Rub each nail and then rinse thoroughly with cold water. Look at your hands, are they not clean? Are they not clean enough to make you want to look at them?

Fluorides are strong cleansers which would clean all kind of stains. Lime is a natural bleaching agent which would not only clean all kind of stains, but whiten and clean the nails as well. Just rub on a buffer and no amount of manicure can beat this effect.

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