How To Wear Makeup For The Beach

How To Wear Makeup For The Beach

How To Wear Makeup For The Beach There is no harm in wanting to look your best, even if you are heading for a causal day of fun and frolic at the beach. However, there are some basic pointers that you should always remember while applying makeup for the beach.

We all know that the makeup applied should always be in accordance with the occasion. Therefore, your beach makeup should be entirely different from the one that you apply for a nighttime party.

In addition, one has to also keep in mind the effect of the sun and the sun, while choosing makeup for the beach. Read on to discover some useful tips, that will guide you through the process of wearing makeup for a day out at the beach.

Steps To Wear Makeup For The Beach

Stick To Minimal Makeup

In order to look good at the beach, it is recommended that you stick to using minimal makeup. This is one of the basic rules that should be followed while applying makeup for the beach. If you go heavy on makeup, then you will look out of place for sure. It is always recommended that you keep your makeup shades light and natural.

Prepare Your Face

Before you start off with the makeup process, you should see to it that you have cleansed your face thoroughly. Follow this up by exfoliating your face with a mild scrub. This will ensure the removal of dead skin cells from the face and will also ensure that the makeup applied, will stick on for a long time.

Apply Sunscreen

After exfoliating your face, do apply a generous amount of sunscreen. The sunscreen should have a SPF of minimum 30 and should be applied at least 20 minutes before you venture out in the sun. Also, see to it that you reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours.

Dress Up Your Face

As an alternative to the sunscreen, you can also go in for a tinted moisturizer, which has a built in SPF. By using a tinted moisturizer, you will also be spared of the job of selecting a suitable foundation.  After applying the moisturizer, you can dab on some concealer using a makeup brush. See to it that the concealer use matches your skin tone perfectly.

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After applying the concealer, do apply a blush on the apples of your cheek, using a large makeup brush. See to it that the blush chosen resembles your naturally flushed color.  If you cannot find a waterproof blush and concealer, then it will be better to skip their application. If your skin is oily, then there is a chance that your make up can get spoilt very soon. To prevent this, you should set your makeup by the use of powder.

Skip The Eye Make Up

In order to avoid an unnatural look, it is advised that you skip using an eyeliner and eye shadow while going to the beach. You can dress up your eyes in a simple manner by the use of waterproof mascara in a shade of brown or black.

Color Your Lips

You should always remember to stay away from creamy lipsticks and ultra shiny lip balms, as they tend to attract flyaway hairs and sand. Do use a light colored matte lipstick, preferably in a shade of pink.

A better option will be to skip the lipstick and go in for a nude lip balm. A tinted lip balm with a built in SPF will be the best choice to be applied on the beach. Thus by following the above said tips, you can be ensured of looking good on a day out at the beach.

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