How To Wear Lipstick So Your Teeth Look Whiter

How To Wear Lipstick So Your Teeth Look Whiter

How To Wear Lipstick So Your Teeth Look Whiter Every woman is concerned with how she looks.  But, however we use make up and whatever amount we put on, what can become a nightmare is yellow teeth. It is something that nobody would like to compromise with.

You may dress up elegantly for the evening, your looks perfect, only to be ruined by yellow looking teeth. On the very realization, everything would fall apart for you. What can be more unflattering than yellow looking teeth? So, why is it while some women have perfect pearl white teeth while some other yellowish? The answer often lies in ethnicity.

In general, the lighter the skin color is the yellowish the teeth color is. For dark, it is just the other way round. Hence, most women of African origin tend to have beautiful white teeth while most white women often tend to have their teeth color tending towards yellow. Since, taking good care of teeth ensures the removal of any yellow stain, a wide range of quality products for dental care are available in the market.

They include toothpaste, toothpowder, floss and a variety of mouthwashes and teeth whitener. Dentists often recommend mouthwashes and whiteners to remove the ugly stains. While these products make the teeth look healthy and clean by removing carrions, plaque and dirty stains, nothing can be done, if the teeth are by their nature yellowish. Whatever cleansing products are used, they would look shiny and healthy, but not white because their actual color is yellowish.

What is the solution for these women? Simple, wear a shade of lipstick that would dupe everybody and make the teeth appear whiter. Since the lips frame the teeth while smiling, a right color of lipstick can be your best friend. Now, lipsticks can be categorized into two wide categories the cool toned and the warm toned. The cool toned lipsticks have blue undertone in them while the warm toned lipsticks have yellow undertone.

Since warm toned lipsticks have yellow undertones, when they reflect light they reflect a yellowish tone (every color is the reflection of light). So, if you are wearing a lipstick with warm undertone, it would reflect mild yellowish on the lips and hence make the teeth more yellow. But, putting on a cool toned lipstick would do just the opposite. Blue makes white, even whiter. (Indian women put on indigo in their white clothing to make them look whiter). So, if you are wearing a cool shade of lipstick, it would reflect on the lips and make them look even whiter.

The safe such colors are? Pink with blue undertones, bluish red, purple, and so on.The colors to  be avoided if you want to make your teeth looking whiter are orange, cherry red, reds with orange or yellow undertones, peaches, pinks with warm undertones and so on. So, if you have teeth which look slightly yellow, despair not. Using shades of lipstick would bring out the best in you. But do not forget to take good care of your teeth. Only white teeth is not enough, healthy teeth would make all the difference as well.

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