How to Wear Jeans to the Office

Jeans is considered to be casual wear; but this does not mean that you cannot slip into a pair when you are headed to the office. There are several ways to wear your denims to the office without getting unwanted attention.

Of course this means that you are wearing jeans that are in mint condition and not those that are faded or torn in revealing areas.

Another thing to consider before you step into a pair of jeans for work is the attitude of the office and the kind of workplace you are in. Professionals like lawyers and therapists rarely move beyond trousers even on Fridays and over the weekends; however if your office is more relaxed then you can pull of the look with ease.

Start with teaming up your dark jeans with lighter tops and vice versa. For the office you could opt to wear a cropped blazer with your jeans. A white blazer with dark jeans or a black over coat with light jeans will make you look fabulous. Wear trendy accessories when you are wearing denims to the office. You could wear a pair of trendy shoes and carry a bag or clutch to match.

For those women who work in the media, events or fashion industry a little bit of shimmer does not harm. You could pull of a shimmer or sequenced blazer or tank top with your jeans.

Wear your jeans with a white top and throw on a cardigan to add some oomph to your look. This will make you look glamorous and will add a bit of chic to your outfit. It is casual, comfortable and will make you look dressed up.

Wear your denims with a silk blouse if the season permits you to. This adds a feminine touch to your outfit and adds glam too. Invest in a silk blouse with feminine details like collars and frills. Team up a sleeveless top with skinny jeans and a frilly one with boot cuts or straight fits.

A leather jacket with your denims will make your outfit move from casual to semi formal. A fitted jacket will make you look lean and will compliment your denims and white shirt.