How to Wear Cuff Links the Right Way

Men wear cuff links when they want to look well dressed. Some occasions and black tie events demand that cuff links are used. Other occasions like dining at a restaurant, a prom or even a wedding requires a man to use cuff links.

If you are not very sure about how to wear them then here are a few tips to help you out. Don’t be afraid if you are wearing them for the first time; just read this further and you will feel confident to wear your pair of cuff links with pride.

The first thing you need to do is find a pair that suits your attire. For a formal occasion avoid something flashy; use a pair of dark colored cuff links instead. They should match your trousers or your suit.

Wear your shirt first before you put on the cuff links. If you attach them to the shirt prior to wearing it you may not be able to push your hands through the sleeve.

Now, if your short has an extra hole for the cuff links then you can use this to put them through; however if there is only a button hole then you need to avoid wearing your buttons and use the cuff links through the button hole as you will not be able to use both through the same hole. If you are purchasing a shirt especially for an occasion that demands you to wear cuff links then it is wise to ensure that you buy one with an extra hole.

Remember, the decorative part of the cuff link needs to face upwards. Close the bar of the cuff link to lock it in.This will prevent it from falling off.

If you are trying to put a pair of cuff links on your son then you risk loosing them; as children often are not able to stay without touching their clothes. If this is the case then look out for cuff links that are especially made for young boys. These cuff links do not have a swivel; they have a clasp or a pin that hold the two parts together.