How To Wear Colorful Lips

How To Wear Colorful Lips

How To Wear Colorful Lips Colorful lips have been the most misunderstood style in the fashion circle. The smoky eyes with nude lips or dark eyes with nude lips and even the ‘no makeup’ makeup look have caught up the recent trend. At least for women who wear their makeup regularly.

But what have never been out of fashion in spite of the Audrey Hepburn nude lips is the colorful lips. Most women shy away from bright lips as they feel they cannot carry it off effectively. Let me warn you, this makeup is not for the faint hearted. If you are a woman who is very popular and used to being the centre of attention on all occasions, this style is definitely for you. Bright lips, worn effectively can become a statement in itself speaking out your attitude and boldness.

This look is about making you look effortlessly beautiful and yet very very glamorous without a lot of colors on your face. To wear bright lips, ‘minimal’ is the key word. Wearing this look would draw all the attention to your face. This means, your face makeup must be flawless to make this look work.

Your skin must be free of blemishes, uneven colors, uneven pigmentation and smooth since bright lip colors are less forgiving and any imperfection would scream out. So always start this look with your base makeup. Invest in good quality base makeup and take out the best ones when you want to wear your lips bright. Do not skin the foundation and the concealer and you must never forget to set everything with some loose face powder.

There is a very common mistake prevalent among women who wear bright lips. The mistake is that, in order to keep the eyes understated, they totally skip the eye makeup. This makes them look incomplete and often even sickly. Since the mantra is ‘balance it out’, bright lips do not mean bare eyes. It means keep your eyes understated and not bare.

Wear some nude eye makeup or neutral eye makeup which should enhance your eyes. So not forget to do your waterline and also, do not forget to tight line your upper lash line.  You must follow up your eyes with lots of mascara to open up your eyes. Do not underestimate the mascara. While you do not need a closet full of mascara, this humble item of makeup in your makeup kit can do wonders. Even on your ‘no makeup day’, wearing this single makeup item, would rock you.

Alternately, in order to get the retro look, you can also team up your bright lips with winged eyeliner. In that case, you can opt out from lining your lower lash line.  The winged eyeliner should be thick and neatly done. There is nothing more unflattering than a messy winged liner. The mascara is a must.

Again, having the perfect skin is not enough. Although you do not want to resemble your face to a color palette, you do not want your complexion to look sallow either. So, lightly brush on a muted shade of blush and blend it well. Wear your attitude, not the makeup alone.

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