How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

Wearing a blue eye shadow is definitely a bold attempt and a complete no-no for someone who does not prefer a glam look. This might also seem off-limit for someone who has less expertise in makeup and blending.

And of course, there are certain occasions that demand you to pack away the blue shadows and settle for a subtle makeup. But if you have decided to go for it, here’s a few pointers to make sure that you don’t go wrong with it.

Blue, although, bold, never fails to give that enigmatic and mysterious look. But if you are afraid to try this new bold color, you can start with a lighter and a more transparent shade of blue that is more subtle and light and yet, really there. Or, you can start off with shading only the edges of your eyes than the entire eyelid.

Here are some suggestions based on the skin tone. If you are one of those girls with a perfect porcelain skin, your choice must be the icy blue which goes well for brunettes as well.

For those with olive skin, you might want to go for a slightly bolder color that is mixed with darker colors like beige or brown. But no matter what your skin tone is, if your eyes are blue and you don’t want the blue shadow to be too prominent, don’t go for it!

Also make sure that you don’t use black eyeliner along with a blue shadow. You can go for a deeper shade of blue like navy blue or indigo instead. And in case you want to make the whole blue look subtle, try a transparent shade and apply is a way that it leaves behind only a light layer of blue over your eye lids. This trick works best for those who are fair skinned.

If you happen to be a blonde and are afraid to go blue for eye shadows, the solution is simple. Try going for the transparent shade that was mentioned ago and mix them up with darker shades. Brunettes out there have a choice of adding a little shimmer to their eye shadow that further enhances the appearance.

In any case, the main trick is to know the right blending and the right shade to go for. With a little experimenting and trial, you’ll be able get the right way around it.