How to Wear Black Pants in Summer

Wearing black in summer is unheard of. But sometimes an occasion demands that you wear a basic black outfit. This is one time where you may find yourself cursing, swearing and screaming at the thought of wearing black. Though black is a staple in every wardrobe it is not the favorite choice during summer. If you must wear black trousers to an event then you need not fear. There are several ways where you can wear them and yet get a summer look in your outfit.

For the summer choose fabrics that are light and breathe easily. This means that you need to avoid silks, polyester and nylon. A pair of black cotton trousers or linen trousers will look fabulous. These fabrics are easy to breathe and they absorb any traces of sweat and they reduce discomfort drastically.

If you are wearing black trousers and want to sport a natural summer look then wear a light blouse or a top with them. Don’t forget to carry a light sweater with you just incase the temperature drops later in the day. You don’t want to walk home in the cold with a flimsy blouse, do you? A floral print or a top with a white background will look great with a pair of black trousers.

Short sleeved blouses complete the summer look. They are comfortable and flamboyant and they add to the summer look effortlessly.

Wearing the right accessories with your black trousers will ensure that you attire fits the season. Carry a floral print bag or wear a light scarf around your wrist. You could also wear a hat with your outfit to complete the summer look. Alternatively you could also wear kitten heels with your formal trousers or flip flops or ballet flats with your capris.

Indian Kurtis are the newest fashion trend. These are tops that are made in different fabrics. If you wear a cotton kurti with a pair of black trousers you will be able to pull off the summer look and feel comfortable at the same time. These tops are available in all colors. Choose a pastel color or white for maximum impact.