How To Wear A Strapless Dress

How To Wear A Strapless Dress

How To Wear A Strapless Dress Strapless dresses reveal a lot and yet they are stylish, elegant and very much in vogue. But wearing a strapless dress may not be that easy. You need to keep in mind some serious points before you go ahead and wear a strapless dress.

If you are not careful with certain aspects while wearing a strapless dress, you may make a very unflattering statement or may even end up in an embarrassing moment. Hence, you must know how to wear a strapless dress. If you have no real clue to the matter but want to know more about it then simply read on.

Tips To Wear A Strapless Dress

The Most Important Part – The Right Fit

It has always been mentioned that you should always wear clothes that fit you well. But here we would like to put emphasis on the matter. Since there are no straps in these dresses, so the only support that you get to keep the dress in place and prevent it from slipping down is from the fitting of the dress. If the dress is loose, you may have to keep holding or pulling it back up again and again whereas if it’s too tight then it may look tacky and may suffocate you.

A strapless dress should fit you perfectly along the bustline so that you are comfortable in the dress and it remains in its place too. The dress should be a little loose around your hip and thighs to make your movement comfortable. Follow the following steps to check for the right fit. Bend yourself, sit down and raise your arms to make sure the dress doesn’t fall down and the stitches of the dress are not too tight to compromise on the comfort level. Check your rear view as well to make sure that there are no bulges at the backside of your body created due to the tight fit of the dress.

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Do Not Reveal Too Much

Revealing too much cleavage can take away the classy look making you look vulgar or cheap. Therefore be cautious while deciding how much revealing is not too much but appropriate for a strapless dress.

Choose Appropriate Undergarments

You must pay enough attention to the right kind of bra while wearing a strapless dress. A variety of strapless bras are available in the market currently. A push-up bra is mostly suitable for these dresses. Choose bra cups that have a smooth texture without any laces or embellishments. You can also get yourself a self-adhesive bra. For the bottom part, choose a thong or a seamless panty instead of a regular one to prevent the appearance of any pantyline.

Accessorize to Glam Up

Minimal jewelry looks best with strapless dresses. Instead of piling up on chunk jewelry, just go for a nice pair of dangling or stud earrings and keep the hands and neck bare. If you still want to add more to the jewelry part, then wear a nice necklace and a single bracelet or a wrist watch on one hand. For shoes you have a number of choices that you can pick from according to the dress length and the time or occasion you are wearing the dress on.

Wedges, stilettos, gladiator sandals, peep toes, sling-backs, etc are some of the options. You can wear a large belt with a strapless dress to give your dressing a unique touch of stylishness. You can also add a shoulder wrap, a colorful stole, shawl, scarf, a designer blazer or cardigan to your strapless dress to boost your style quotient.