How to Wear a Short Dress in Winter

Short dresses and skirts seem to be an impossible choice during winter. However it does not means that you need to tuck these clothes away for a few months of the year. I have a few ideas that will let you wear your clothes without worrying about your feet getting frozen.

If you want to wear a short dress during the colder months of the year then you need to ensure that you protect your legs too. You can team a pair of thick tights with the dress. A fleece or woolen tights are a great option for the winter months. You could also wear knee high boots with these tights so that your feet and legs get additional protection. Alternatively you could also wear a pair of ballerina flats with the tights.

Leggings are the latest trends and if you find a pair in a monotone color then you can use this with a short dress or skirt. Ankle boots or platform shoes will look trendy if you team with it with accessories like broad belts and chunky jewelry.

If you have a really short dress then you can transform it into a tunic if you wear it with a pair of trousers or denims. If you have a sleeveless dress then wear a turtleneck shirt under the dress in order to stay warm. To complete this style you can wear a pair of Mary Jane’s in a contrasting color.

A summer dress can be transformed to a winter outfit with a little imagination. You can wear a short dress with a cashmere sweater, a woolen scarf or a pair of denims. Remember, if you want to wear a certain outfit you need to make a few smart choices about it. If your dress is too short then you need to take care of your legs and protect them with a good pair of leggings or boots. If the material is too fine then you can either wear some thermal wear under the dress or a sweater over the dress. This will make the dress a perfect option as a winter wear option.