How To Wear A Scarf In Different Fashionable Ways

A woman’s scarf is a fashion accessory which is fairly economical, and yet is one accessory that can add a lot of zing to any of your outfits. Wearing a scarf in a fashionable way, you can add a bit of spice to even the plainest of outfits, be it your regular jeans, the formal business suit, the scintillating evening dress or the sensuous little black dress.

For most women, a scarf is something to be fashioned around your neck; however you can wear a scarf on several different places on your body and in several different ways to create an out of the ordinary look. While draping it around your neck or tying it up with a knot around the neck are the most commonly used styles, you can even use it to tie your hair, wear it as a belt around your waist or let it hang on your shoulders like a stole.

Here are some exciting tips to use a scarf

•    Get yourself a large sized scarf and tie it a little lower around your waist, so that it is nearly on your hips and well your waist will seem slimmer. For tying around your hips, use a long oblong shaped scarf to get the right looks, and let the hang of the scarf be a little asymmetric to divert the attention from the waist.

•    To wear a scarf around your neck in some unusual way, look for a small square size and fashion it snugly around your neck as a choker. Or else get one longer oblong scarf and instead of knotting it in the front, secure the lose ends with a scarf pin or a metal ring. You can even try special scarf holders made with seashells, usually available at beach side gift stores.

•    For winters, look for a woolen or cashmere scarf so that it provides you with a little warmth aside of making you look good. Take a scarf which is a little extra long in length, folded along the length and then put it around your neck with both the loose ends on one side and the fold on the other, and then just let the lose ends through the fold. It lends an extra cozy touch to your winter attire.

Sidharth Thakur