How To Wash Sisterlocks

How To Wash Sisterlocks

How To Wash Sisterlocks African-American hairs are considered as diversely textured hairs. Many types of hairs strands are found in these people. For example, African-Americans have straight hairs as well as wavy hairs.

Similarly, these people have also curly to tightly coiled hairs. These people are found wearing different types of hair styles and one of latest styles among these is ‘sisterlock’. Sisterlocks have been defined as tiny and uniform locks that are resulted due to parting grid.

Sisterlocks are liked by many women as these keeps the hairs clean and there is no need of using any product for maintaining these. Sisterlocks are very much in vogue and these are almost similar to dreadlocks. One of major differences between these two is that sisterlocks are less thick than dreadlocks and this is the reason why different types of hair styles can be made using these hairs.

Washing sisterlocks is not as easy as washing normal hairs. A woman has to take care of many aspects so that hairs are not affected adversely during washing. For example, many women use air cans for blowing line out of sisterlocks but this is not recommended. Some hair care companies have also launched few natural hair care products for sisterlocks but use of these products also requires care.

How to Wash Sisterlocks

Washing of sisterlocks is quite different from washing of normal hairs. For example, hairs and scalp are not cleaned at once. Many hair experts believe that sisterlocks should be washed with light shampoo, as harsh products can affect the texture adversely. Sisterlock salon formula shampoos are also available in market that offers good results.

For washing sisterlocks, equal quantities of water and shampoo are mixed in a spray bottle. It is better if clarifying shampoo is used for washing sisterlocks. For washing, hairs are divided in equal sections. Numbers of sections depend upon the length and texture of hairs. Afterwards, mixture of shampoo and water is sprayed on scalp.

This mixture is continuously applied on hairs until scalp becomes saturated. Scalp is then cleaned with the help of fingers. This should be done gently. Cleaning of scalp is done during first shampooing of hairs. After cleaning, scalp is rinsed thoroughly with water. Mixture of shampoo and water is sprayed again on head but this time, sisterlocks are treated.

After spraying, lather so formed is squeezed down the length of hair gently. Some people also use washcloth for cleaning sisterlocks after lather has been removed through fingers three or four times. Sisterlocks should be rinsed thoroughly with water so that no shampoo is left in them. Removing all the shampoo from hairs is important as this may lead to ugly looks.

For ensuring the locks are not disturbed in the washing process, medium to low pressure water is used. If a woman feels that her sisterlocks contain toxins or pollutants, she must wash them with apple cider vinegar. Sea salt is also helpful in removing these toxins.

After washing, sisterlocks may also be groomed. For example, some people have found shea butter very useful in grooming sisterlocks. In most of cases, sisterlocks do not require any type of wax or gel or cream for grooming. This is because using these products may add weight and stress to hairs. Sometimes, due to use of these products, growth of hairs is also affected.

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