How To Wash People’s Hair Without A Shampoo Bowl

How To Wash People’s Hair Without A Shampoo Bowl

How To Wash People’s Hair Without A Shampoo Bowl When a woman visits a beauty salon for getting any type of hair treatment, her hairs are first shampooed. Most of beauty salons contain shampoo bowl where hairs of customers are shampooed.

This bowl provides easy access to shampoo and running water, apart from hairs of client, and thus, no problem is faced in shampooing hairs. Head can be rested easily on this bowl while hairs are washed comfortably. Sometimes, hair and beauty experts have to treat hairs of clients at their home.

In most of cases, shampoo bowl is not available at home. Client cannot be asked to take bath and shampoo hairs. In such cases, hairs have to be shampooed without a shampoo bowl. For this purpose, sink located in kitchen or bathroom is used. While using a sink, it is very necessary that a person is positioned properly so that no discomfort is faced.

How to Wash People’s Hair without a Shampoo Bowl

First of all, a person must select a comfortable chair for the client so that no inconvenience is faced in entire shampooing process. It is better if chair with adjustable height and back is chosen. It should be ensured that back of chair is not very tall, as client is required to lean back and rest his head on the sink.

If office chair is not available, different types of chairs should be tried for providing best possible height to client. In case of children, some books like phone books can be used for increasing the height. If sink in the kitchen contains a separate spray nozzle, it is considered as better as it makes wetting and rinsing of hairs easy. If sink does not contain spray nozzle, some special arrangements have to be made. For example, measuring container or pitcher has to be used.

Most of hair experts like to use kitchen than bathroom, as it offers more space. They can move easily while shampooing hairs of clients and also get more space for holding necessary supplies. In case, kitchen cannot be used for shampooing hairs due to any reason, bathroom is the last option a hair expert has for shampooing hairs.

It has been generally observed that bathroom sink is shorter than kitchen sink and thus, may offer some discomfort. While shampooing hairs in bathroom sink, pitcher has to be invariably used for washing hairs. Once bathroom or kitchen sink is selected for washing hairs, neck of client is wrapped in a towel for providing protection against the water.

It also makes client feel comfortable. Some hair experts place a towel on sink also for preventing water from spilling on the floor. Client is asked to sit or kneel down, as the case may be. Afterwards, hairs are gathered in sink and wetted thoroughly with warm water.

Shampoo is then applied to hairs and massaged for few minutes for making a good lather. Hairs are then rinsed with water. It must be ensured that shampoo has been washed out completely, otherwise client may complain about itching. If needed, hairs may be shampooed again. Conditioner is then applied to hairs and they are rinsed again. Hairs are then dried with towel and styled.

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