How To Ward off The Sweet Tooth


Every pound that is added to the body adds to the extra pounds leading to the cardio vascular diseases. Heart specialists bring up something simple for you – 100 calories. That’s the amount of sugar you should be taking each day.

It is in fact 100 calories for women whereas 150 calories for men. They are getting a grace of fifty calories for what sweet reason, I have no idea! Added sugar is actually the sugar that is added to the beverages or to the foods while preparing or processing the food. Most of the American people get around four hundred and thirty calories of the added sugars daily which is almost enough to add to the obesity and the cardio vascular ailments of people. What do you think a hundred grams would mean to you?

It could be a can of cola actually and a twelve ounce of soda that has been sweetened and it would contain around 130 calories of added sugar. So a can of ginger ale would meet the daily limit of your added sugar intake. You only need to be careful and use the calories accordingly.

Well, a can of cola or some ginger ale could be interesting but don’t just get carried away with them and lose out on the real nutrients like the vegetables, the fruits or the whole grains. Thus with a healthy eating plan you can ward off the sweet tooth and your habit of eating the added sugar. You could do with the regular meals full of nutrients like fruits, milk, vegetables and nuts.

These can be had in varied quantities at intervals so that you don’t have to gorge down more food at dinner or at lunch by skipping breakfast or a meal between lunch and dinner. The way to eat sensibly is to take small meals full of nutrients at regular intervals. That could lessen the intake of added sugar and stop you from taking an occasional pastry or sweet or some cola or beverage. It is best to have your tea or coffee with as much less sugar as you can. That would keep you fit and heart healthy and young too.