How to Wake up in the Morning

Do you keep putting your alarm clock on snooze and try getting five or ten minutes of extra sleep? Do you have breakfast reading the newspaper or watching T.V.

or do you simply miss it because you are hard pressed for time? Do you feel groggy and low on energy the whole day? It’s time you really woke up:

Before going to bed – Think of anything exciting you have to do the next day. It does not have to be anything big. Try finding pleasure in the simple things of life. It can be anything from having a scoop of your favorite ice cream to closing a long awaited business deal. You can note it down in your personal diary if you wish but it is more important to make a mental note and to look forward to it.

Sleep right – Do not watch T.V. or work on your laptop for atleast an hour before going to bed.  Keep your bedroom only for sleeping. Try doing all other work in other rooms. Before sleeping take a warm water bath in aromatic oil and don soft, comfortable nightwear. Play some soothing music on very low volume, if you wish. You can also keep fragrant flowers in your room or you can dab a few drops of your favorite essential oil on your pillow and bed sheet.

If you find it hard to fall asleep, do some meditation and relaxation exercises. Also, limit your caffeine intake if you cannot cut it down completely. Besides, make sure your bedroom is dark enough. Invest in thick curtains in case you have a lot of light coming in your room from the city .Sleep at the same time every night. It would keep your body clock in shape and you will be able to fall asleep in time.

Waking up – Try to not to wake up to an alarm clock. It is best to get up before sunrise when the air is fresh and crisp. Do not jump out of the bed. Stay in bed for 5-10 minutes visualizing your day. Plan the events of the day and make a mental schedule.

After getting out of bed, step out in the balcony or on the terrace. Let your senses soar in the freshness of the air. Come back and drink some water and herbal tea. Do some yoga or hit the gym after freshening up.

Come back and do a whole body massage. It would boost blood circulation and as a by-product would produce a feel good factor along with an instant glow. Take bath with aromatic products. Have breakfast and step out for a power start to your day.