How To Turn Day Eye Makeup Into Night Makeup

How To Turn Day Eye Makeup Into Night Makeup

How To Turn Day Eye Makeup Into Night Makeup Most of us love to wear makeup. The most effective and easy to wear makeup is the eye makeup, because it catches most of the attention. For the subtle impression, eye makeups are girls’ best friends. While day time makeup is usually a softer and toned down one, the night eye makeup is drastically different.

The night makeup demands more attention and hence one needs more dramatic eyes. Now, if you have the luxury of coming back home before you head to the party, nighttime eye makeups are not a bother for you. But, if you are a woman who loves her parties and yet has no time to get back home to do her makeup anew, you need a quicker fix.

Well, this may sound like a difficult task. But you would be surprised to learn that with a little kit and a few minutes, turning your daytime eye makeup into nighttime eye makeup is no big deal.  But yes, you need to do a few things while you put on your eye makeup in the morning. The first and foremost would be to put on a good eye primer before putting on the makeup.

If you have the plan to hit the party straight from office, try avoiding too much of colored makeup during the daytime, since, for the nighttime eye makeup, you might want to remove those colors and put on some other colors. So, if you try to remove the daytime color, you would have to wipe the previous one which would also remove your eye primer. You do not want to do everything while you are in a hurry.

Your eye makeup kit should consist of the following items. Two or three smudge-proof eye pencils, pointed tipped black pencil liner or felt-tip liner, an eyebrow pencil and any good quality mascara. Just stand in front of the mirror and take a tissue paper. Now, gently wipe off whatever makeup comes off. Do not rub hard because you do not want to make a mess. Next, grab a colored eye pencil in lighter shade and fill up the inner two thirds of the eye lid. Next, take the darker shade and draw an outward ‘V’.

Having done so, carefully fill in the ‘V’ and fill up one third from the outer corner of the lid up to the crease. With your fingers, gently start blending till the seams are blended in. Additionally, you can also take a lighter pencil and highlight your brow bone. The shadow being done, line your lash-lines with the black liner. In the next step take out the mascara and add generous coats to make your lashes stand out.

Doing the eye makeup is not all. You need to frame the eyes perfectly to make your makeup work. Take a step backward from the mirror since standing too close does not give you the perfect estimate about how to do the brows. Starting from the inner corners gently fill them out without going overboard. Now you are ready to take the limelight in the party.

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