How To Treat Syphilis

How To Treat Syphilis The Sexually Transmitted Disease, (STD) Syphilis is caused because of a bacterial infection. The bacteria at work here, is Treponema Pallidum. The disease is infectious and if not treated at the early stages, may cause permanent damage to person’s genitals, nerves or other tissues.

This disease, many a time, is left untreated until it is too late; this is mainly because the symptoms often come up late. Because of it being not treated in time, it may even cause death to the patient. To treat an individual suffering from syphilis, follow the steps mentioned below:

Go To The Doctors

You should visit the nearest health care provider, when you start experiencing the symptoms (which may start appearing around the genitals and sometimes all over). Syphilis is one of the gravest diseases that one may encounter; so it needs not be told that, it needs to be checked by a professional at the earliest. You should not take any chances and wait until the situation turns worst.

The Dosage

Know that when you are at any of the two primary levels of the attack from the disease, you will be prescribed a certain dosage of a suitable medicine preferably once. Then probably you would be put under scrutiny, by the doctor, and told to have a follow up at regular intervals.

If you are at the third stage of the disease and do not know (or due to some stupid reason did not go to a doctor) then that stage is known as Latent stage. A good doctor can help you out.

Latent Stage

This stage’s medication mainly involves a dosage of appropriate medicine for about 3 weeks (if patient is allergic, antibiotics is provided for 28 days). Since this stage is more advanced, the patient should take it very seriously, and should have a regular checkup planned with the doctor.


This is the penultimate stage of the disease, and patients should be very much aware of it. This stage is normally treated with a special type of Penicillin, called Aqueous Crystalline Penicillin G, or ACPG, which is given to the patient in a gap of every 4 hours, and in continuity of 10-15 days. If the patient is allergic to Penicillin, then he/she has to bear a painful dosage of procaine and probenecid for a span of about 2 weeks.

Know The Boundaries

The sores can take months to get cured; during that time, if you have intercourse with another individual, you will transmit the disease. Also when taking the pills (penicillin i.e.) if you are allergic to it, you may be given an additional antibiotics (tetracycline).

The main thing that you can do to prevent this disease is to take the proper precautions, follow up with a proper check up in every 3-4 months and keep in contact with your doctor

Be sure that you get yourself and your partner checked, before indulging in sexual intercourse. Syphilis is one of the most dangerous ailments that affect human body. You should make proper steps to get rid of this problem.