How To Treat Dry Skin

dry skin treatment

dry skin treatment Is your dry skin giving you sleepless nights? Are you interested in knowing how to treat dry skin? Read the article to find a solution to your problem.

How to Treat Dry Skin

Soak Yourself in Lukewarm Water for Few Minutes

You may be losing water through sweating or urinating. To make up for this water loss, you can soak yourself in lukewarm water for few minutes. You can also add jojoba, almond, olive or hazelnut oil to your bath water.

You will be surprised to see the results after using these oils. These oils can have a magical effect on your skin if used properly.

Use Moisturizer

The most important thing for you to remember is to apply body lotion all over your body after taking a bath. This will prevent your skin from dehydration. You can use petroleum jelly, baby oil or mineral oil to moisturize your skin.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Get sufficient sleep if you want to make your skin healthy. Without enough sleep, your skin will not be able to rebuild dead cells.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Include lots of fruits, whole grains and vegetables in your diet. Foods rich in vitamin A and B are good for your skin. Include foods like eggs, fish, rice, legumes, carrots, mushrooms, spinach, oranges, sprouts, almond, soybeans and peas in your diet. Stop the intake of caffeinated beverages as caffeine can dry your skin.

Quit Alcohol and Smoking

Avoid drinking alcohol as it is a diuretic and can dry your skin. Smoking is also bad for you and has a detrimental effect on your skin so quit it as soon as possible.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day and protect your skin from excess heat, wind or cold.

How To Treat Dry Skin

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If you are in favor of treating your dry skin with the help of home remedies then you can try various home remedies for dry skin which are as follows.

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Apply Papaya Paste on Your Face

Make a paste of papaya, banana and avocado and apply it on your face for few minutes and then wash it off.

Apply Cucumber Paste on Your Face

Applying cucumber face pack on your face will keep your skin moisturized, supple and soft.

Apply Honey on Your Face

Mix a half tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of rose water and apply on your dry skin areas. Honey gives you a beautiful and glowing skin.

Apply Grated Apples on Your Face

Grate three apples and apply on your face and other dry skin areas. Leave the face pack for few minutes and then wash it off. Apples are known to do wonders for your skin and make your skin flawless.

What Are the Causes of Dry Skin?

Your skin can become dry due to ointments, drugs, powder, soaps, harmful detergents, excessive bathing, frequently cleaning hands, prolonged disease like kidney and liver problem and cold air. Other causes of dry skin include lack of healthy and nutritious diet, environmental pollution and seasonal changes.

How Can You Prevent Your Skin From Drying?

Never apply makeup on dry skin as it will make your skin even drier. Make a habit of applying moisturizer before hitting the bed. If possible, avoid using chemical soaps while taking a bath. Use a mild face wash for cleaning your face. You should cover as much of your body as possible before going out in the sun.

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