How To Treat Corns Naturally

How To Treat Corns Naturally

How To Treat Corns Naturally Corns are formations of hardened skin where the areas are most exposed to pressure. Corns can be either hard or soft depending upon the area they have formed. Corns most often form on the sides of the feet, the toes, under the soles or even on fingers if you use pen, pencil, certain tools or instruments very often.

Corns are made up of thickened skin that is hardest in the center. Hard corns are mainly stiff and are formed on the exposed areas like toes that come in contact with the ground and receive more pressure while soft supple corns get formed in the inner crevices of the toe fingers, as a result of wearing tight, closed shoes. Corns may become painful and unsightly also and therefore most of us prefer to get rid of these.

Ways to Treat and Prevent Corns

The fact that corns can be discomforting creates the need to remove them. Sometimes corns may become severe so much that you may even find it difficult to walk or hold a pen depending upon the area the corn has formed. The most usual way to treat a corn is by using corn cap or medicated products that most obviously use salicylic acid.

The acid works by softening the dead skin on a corn; this solution is made up of proteins that helps to disintegrate the thick layer of dead skin and the surrounding dead tissue cells, and facilitates easy removal. However, such products are not advisable for diabetics and therefore removing corns naturally are recommended. Corns can essentially be prevented by avoiding possible friction and pressure on the areas that are prone to corn formations. Wearing well fitting shoes and using a shield like a pad to cushion the area are potential ways of preventing corns.

Learn to Remove Corns Naturally

Corn caps can be gentle but the peeling process can be bit distressing, uncomfortable and even painful as the hard skin gradually gets pulled and peeled off from the area. If you want to avoid such methods then there are natural painless options for you to remove corns easily and effectively. You can use banana and pineapple peels that have oils that help in removing corns naturally.

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Use such peels as corn caps by attaching a piece around the corn area with a bandage and go to sleep. The juice that is extracted from a fig is also helpful in relieving a corn. For relieving pain from corns you can apply the juice of papaya and lemon. Rubbing potato pieces can also aid in relieving the discomforts arising from corns.

Certain steps can be followed to remove corns naturally. Some people have a tendency to develop corns and natural procedures can assist you in combating them whenever you tend to suffer from such formations. As corns develop due to hardening of a part of the skin area you need to soften your skin by bathing feet with warm water.

Gently trim the corn by rubbing a pumice stone around the corn. You have to repeat this procedure for a few days until your corn and the surrounding dead cells have become less. Apply a good foot cream or moisturizer on your feet especially around the corn area. Keep your feet well insulated with a cloth bandage or a pair of socks. This will soften the skin and easily remove the corn within a few days.