How To Treat Chapped Skin On Nose From Cold

How To Treat Chapped Skin On Nose From Cold

How To Treat Chapped Skin On Nose From Cold Chapped lips are a very common problem for women all over the world. There is so much we do about it. We buy all the expensive stuff to prevent chapping of dry lips. While for some, it is a perennial problem, while for others, it’s only a seasonal problem.

But what is paid the least attention, yet becomes more annoying often is the chapped nose. In winter, when the weather is freezing, dry lips are not the only concern we are worried about. What do we do about the soft nose tip? The skin over there being so thin, dries up and gets chapped more frequently.

Since we breathe through the nose, the air circulation hastens the process. As a result, what we are more often left with are dry itchy and chapped nose. The drying of nose can be all the more annoying for women who love to look good. Frankly, tell me how many of you, ladies, do not like to look good?

The answer is all of us like to look beautiful and immaculate. But a chapped and red nose is sure to ruin the entire thing. So, what is to be done for this? The first and foremost trick would be to treat your skin from inside. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables would provide your skin with all the vitamins you need keeping your skin really soft and supple from inside.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are not really hard to find. So, everyone can afford this. Even, most of you have your fridges stuffed with these. So, instead of feeling satisfied by looking at them, take the pain to grab a few and eat them regularly. Five fruits a day would keep your dermatologist away.

The next very important tips for curing chapped nose would be to drink plenty of water. Hydrating your body will not only keep your skin healthy, it would flush out toxins as well. Flushing out toxins would help you to stay healthy and who needs to be told that healthy body means good skin? Now, even if you take care of your body internally, externally you do need some care.

For those who have dry skin, put on a good layer of cream before you do your make up or go out. Then, gently start massaging it in circular movement.  Then, leave on the cream on your nose for a few minutes. This would let the cream sit on your skin, and to get it absorbed.

If the cream does not get soaked up entirely, do not worry. Take a piece of tissue paper and gently dab it on to soak up the extra. In order to avoid the shiny look, you can dust a wee bit of powder, just to take away the shine.

Be careful not to put on too much as powdering too much would make the skin dry again and would not help much to prevent the chapping. The last but the best trick would be, just take a little lip balm in your finger and rub it on your nose. Just like it prevents chapping of your lips from cold, it would prevent chapping of your nose as well. This is tried and tested by many women.

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