How to Treat Back Pain in Women

When back pain occurs, it gets difficult to do even the trivial tasks at hand. There can be many reasons for back pain in women and the solution can be found depending on the cause.

The primary reason for most back pains is stressful physical work. If there is degeneration of bone structure in the body, then also pain arises and proportionally increases with excess work.

The common back related pain in women occurs in the lower region of the back. The region is known as the lumbar spine region and most of the back related pain occurs in this region.

However, it is not mandatory that the back pain occurs only due to degenerative bones; there can be immense pain even if you have not used the right mattress to sleep on.

The best way to cure the back pain is by resting. Right posture and right place matter. In case either of them is chosen incorrectly, the back pain can increase considerably. For example, if your back pain has arisen because of a faulty mattress, then do not try to relax using the same mattress again.

Likewise, in case you have back pain due to sitting in the office for long hours, then do not use the faulty mattress to relax on. It is always suggested that for the best results and relaxation, a thin mattress on a level surface on the floor is more effective. A mattress at the floor level helps in keeping the back straight and avoiding unnecessary strain.

The use of ice also helps in easing back pain. This has been one of the most common methods used to soothe the aching muscles. Applying ice packs helps the muscles relax and eases the pain considerably. However, it is not possible to have ice packs on your body for a longer period of time.

Likewise, rest is not always possible. In case this is the situation, then you have a pain relief medication after consulting your physician, because excess stress on the lower back may lead to more pain. The best way is to avoid back pain by doing regular exercises and acquiring the right posture.